Mai Tai/ Mango Mai Tai     $6.95
3 kinds of rum & 2 kinds of juice

Margarita/ Strawberry Margarita      $6.95
Tequila,triple sec & sour mix

Blue Hawaiian   $6.95
Rum,blue curacao,pineapple juice

Peachtree Punch      $6.95
Rum,triple sec,peach schnapps & juice

Long Island Ice Tea   $7.95
5 kinds of liqueur & sour mix

Pomajito     $8.50
Bacardi run,pomegranate syrunp,fresh mint and limes

California sangria  $6.95
Fresh fruit juices,a splash of orange juice, sprite, and white wine

Bahama Mama     $6.95
Rum,coconut rum,banana schnapps

Mudslide  $8.50
Kahlua,bailey’s vodka,and ice cream blended,topped with whip cream and a cherry

Bonfire Lover For Two     $10.95
Rum,coconut rum,dark rum,151°rum,plum wine & pineapple juice,orange juice,cranberry juice,grenadine