Food & Drinks

*Indicates Raw.
Food allergy warning: Please notify your server & chef for any allergies


img_2712Edamame   $3.50
Boiled soybean with light sea salt



tuna-jalapenoJalapeno Tuna      $6.50
Fried jalapeno stuffed w.cream cheese,tuna,served w.homemade spicy mayo sauce




sprin-rollSpring Roll    $3.50
Mixed Vegetable Roll




calamariCalamari    $4.95
Deep fried squid with sweet chilli sauce


tuna-tataki*Tuna Tataki  $10.95
Fresh tuna lightly seared and served rare with ponzu sauce




fried-crispy-beanFried Crispy Bean     $4.95
Deep fried crispy bean,served w. yum yum sauce




Lettuce Wrap  $6.95
Diced chicken with green onion, mushroom, zucchini & carrot, served with crispy lettuce for wrapping


dumplingGyoza      $4.95
Fried pork dumping w.homemade garlic sauce



cream-cheese-marshroomCrab Rangoon  $4.95
Fried wonton stuffed with crabmeat  & cream cheese





New York Cheese Cake $4.95
Japanese Mochi Ice Cream $4.95
Volcano Brownie $6.5   


Traditional Favorites (Unlimited Refills)   $2.25   
Coca Cola,Diet Coke,Sprite,Minute Maid,Mello Yello,Dr Pepper

Ice Tea   $2.25  

Fresh Juice   $3  
(No Refills)

Milk  $3
(No Refills)

Fruit Tea  $3
(Raspberry ,peach,Mango)


Mai Tai/ Mango Mai Tai     $6.95
3 kinds of rum & 2 kinds of juice

Margarita/ Strawberry Margarita      $6.95
Tequila,triple sec & sour mix

Blue Hawaiian   $6.95
Rum,blue curacao,pineapple juice

Peachtree Punch      $6.95
Rum,triple sec,peach schnapps & juice

Long Island Ice Tea   $7.95
5 kinds of liqueur & sour mix

Pomajito     $8.50
Bacardi run,pomegranate syrunp,fresh mint and limes

California sangria  $6.95
Fresh fruit juices,a splash of orange juice, sprite, and white wine

Bahama Mama     $6.95
Rum,coconut rum,banana schnapps

Mudslide  $8.50
Kahlua,bailey’s vodka,and ice cream blended,topped with whip cream and a cherry

Bonfire Lover For Two     $10.95
Rum,coconut rum,dark rum,151°rum,plum wine & pineapple juice,orange juice,cranberry juice,grenadine


White Wine

Woodbridge Glass $6
Kendall Jackson Glass $7.5/Bottle $29

White Zinfandel  
Woodbridge Glass $6
Bering Glass $7/Bottle $26

Chateau st michelle   Glass $7/Bottle $26

Pinot Grigio  $3.50
Montevina   Glass $7/Bottle $25

Sauvignon Blanc   
Lonely Cow   Glass $7.5/Bottle $28

Moscato  $3.50
Rex Goliath   Glass $7/Bottle $24

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon   
Woodbridge Glass $6
Blackstone Glass $7.5/Bottle $29

Pinot Noir  $3.50
Cupcake   Glass $7/Bottle $28

Woodbridge Glass $6
Blackstone Glass $7.5/Bottle $29

Plum Wine

Hot Sake Small(4oz.) $4.5/Large(8oz)$7.5
Kinsen Plum Wine Glass $6/Bottle $36



Domestic Beer/Bottle  $3.50



Michelob Ultra

Coors Light   

Miller Lite      


Angry Orchard (Apple)     

Yazoo (Dos Perros)   

Import Beer/Bottle  $4

Kirin Ichiban      



Sapporo (22oz/can)  $7.50