Mt Juliet Menu

*Indicates Raw.
Food allergy warning: Please notify your server & chef for any allergies


Edamame   $3.50
Boiled soybean with light sea salt

Jalapeno Tuna      $6.50
Fried jalapeno stuffed w.cream cheese,tuna,served w.homemade spicy mayo sauce

Spring Roll    $3.50
Mixed Vegetable Roll

Calamari    $4.95
Deep fried squid with sweet chilli sauce

*Tuna Tataki  $10.95
Fresh tuna lightly seared and served rare with ponzu sauce

Fried Crispy Bean     $4.95
Deep fried crispy bean,served w. yum yum sauce

Lettuce Wrap  $6.95
Diced chicken with green onion, mushroom, zucchini & carrot, served with crispy lettuce for wrapping

Gyoza      $4.95
Fried pork dumping w.homemade garlic sauce

Crab Rangoon  $4.95
Fried wonton stuffed with crabmeat  & cream cheese


Seaweed Salad      $4.50
Mixed seaweed marinated in special sauce

Squid Salad   $4.95
Seasoned squid with lettuce, ponzu sauce

Avocado Salad     $6.50
Spinach, avocado w.Spanish,tofu,and tempura flake tossed w. honey wasabi sauce


Mai Tai/ Mango Mai Tai     $6.95
3 kinds of rum & 2 kinds of juice

Margarita/ Strawberry Margarita      $6.95
Tequila,triple sec & sour mix

Blue Hawaiian   $6.95
Rum,blue curacao,pineapple juice

Peachtree Punch      $6.95
Rum,triple sec,peach schnapps & juice

Long Island Ice Tea   $7.95
5 kinds of liqueur & sour mix

Pomajito     $8.50
Bacardi run,pomegranate syrunp,fresh mint and limes

California sangria  $6.95
Fresh fruit juices,a splash of orange juice, sprite, and white wine

Bahama Mama     $6.95
Rum,coconut rum,banana schnapps

Mudslide  $8.50
Kahlua,bailey’s vodka,and ice cream blended,topped with whip cream and a cherry

Bonfire Lover For Two     $10.95
Rum,coconut rum,dark rum,151°rum,plum wine & pineapple juice,orange juice,cranberry juice,grenadine


Domestic Beer/Bottle  $3.50



Michelob Ultra

Coors Light   

Miller Lite      


Angry Orchard (Apple)     

Yazoo (Dos Perros)   

Import Beer/Bottle  $4

Kirin Ichiban      



Sapporo (22oz/can)  $7.50

White Wine

Woodbridge Glass $6
Kendall Jackson Glass $7.5/Bottle $29

White Zinfandel  
Woodbridge Glass $6
Bering Glass $7/Bottle $26

Chateau st michelle   Glass $7/Bottle $26

Pinot Grigio  $3.50
Montevina   Glass $7/Bottle $25

Sauvignon Blanc   
Lonely Cow   Glass $7.5/Bottle $28

Moscato  $3.50
Rex Goliath   Glass $7/Bottle $24

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon   
Woodbridge Glass $6
Blackstone Glass $7.5/Bottle $29

Pinot Noir  $3.50
Cupcake   Glass $7/Bottle $28

Woodbridge Glass $6
Blackstone Glass $7.5/Bottle $29

Plum Wine

Hot Sake Small(4oz.) $4.5/Large(8oz)$7.5
Kinsen Plum Wine Glass $6/Bottle $36



At our Mongolian Grill Bar, you CREATE YOUR OWN STIR-FRY-MEAL by choosing from a wide range of ingredients. Then our Grill Master cooks your creation to perfection on our hot Mongolian grill.

Build Your Own Bowl
Select the size of you own bowl,choose your starch,and follow in 3 steps at our Mongolian grill bar.

Small $8.95
Regular $10.95
Large $12.95

Starch:Fried Rice,Steam Rice,Brown Rice,Lo Mein Noodle,Udon Noodle,Pasta

Step 1
Choose Your Protein
Step 2
Pick Your Vegetables
Step 3
Select a Sauce

Kid’s Meal $6.99

For children age 10 & under
Please let your server or chef know if you have any food allergies,not all ingredients are listed in our menu.



Hibachi is a Japanese cooking style where the chef cooks right in front of you. It’s great fun to watch the chef’s tricks,culinary skills and theatrics while preparing your meal.

Hibachi Dinner (Cook on hibachi table only)    
Includes: Soup,Salad,Fried Rice,Mixed Vegetables

Complete Entree 

Vegetable $11.95
Chicken $ 14.95
New York Steak $17.95
Tilapia $17.95
Shrimp $18.95
Salmon $18.95
Scallop $19.95
Filet Mignon $20.95
Twin Lobster Tail $26.95

Complete Entree 

Choose Any 2 For $20.95
Choose Any 3 For $26.95    


Hibachi Combination   
Chicken & Shrimp $18.95
Chicken & Salmon $18.95
Chicken & Scallop $ 19.95
New York Steak Chicken $18.95
New York Steak & Shrimp $19.95
New York Steak & Salmon $19.95
New York Steak & Scallop $ 20.95
New York Steak & Lobster $25.95
Filet Mignon & Chicken $20.95
Filet Mignon & Shrimp $21.95
Filet Mignon & Salmon $21.95
Filet Mignon & Scallop $22.95
Filet Mignon & Lobster $28.95  

Add and extra portion,with hibachi entree only

Steam Rice $2
Fried Rice $3
Brown Rice $2
Vegetables $3
Chicken $7
Steak $ 8
Shrimp $8
Salmon $8
Mahi Mahi $8
Scallop $ 9
Filet Mignon $9
Lobster $13    

Dinner For 2   

New York Steak,Chicken,Shrimp $42
Filet Mignon,Chicken,Shrimp,Scallop $46   

Kid’s Menu   $9.95   
For Children Age 10 & Under

Hibachi Chicken
Hibachi Steak
Hibachi Shrimp
Hibachi Salmon
Chicken Tender w.French Fires  
(Not Includes Soup,Salad)

18% tip on party of 5 or more.Tips are split 50/50 with your server & chef.
Food allergy warning: Please notify your server & chef for any allergies.



New York Cheese Cake $4.95
Japanese Mochi Ice Cream $4.95
Volcano Brownie $6.5   


Traditional Favorites (Unlimited Refills)   $2.25   
Coca Cola,Diet Coke,Sprite,Minute Maid,Mello Yello,Dr Pepper

Ice Tea   $2.25  

Fresh Juice   $3  
(No Refills)

Milk  $3
(No Refills)

Fruit Tea  $3
(Raspberry ,peach,Mango)

Nigiri Sushi

2pcs/Per Order

*Tuna $4.5
*Salmon $ 4
Shrimp $4
*Red Snapper $4
*Super White Tuna $4.5
Eel $4.5
*Yellowtail $4.5
*Smoked Salmon $4.5
*Salmon Roe $4.5
Tamago (Sweet Egg) $3.5
Inari (Sweet Tofu) $3.5
Crab Stick $4
*Mackerel $4
*Red Clam $4
*Squid $4
*Octopus $4
*Scallop $5.5
*Jumbo Sweet Shrimp $6.5

Roll (Seaweed Outside)

8pcs/Per Order   

Cucumber Roll $3.5
Avocado Roll $3.5
Tuna Roll $4.5
Salmon Roll $4.5

5pcs/Per Order

*TN Roll  $4.95
Crab,Cream Cheese,Avocado,Flying Fish Roe

*Futo Maki  $5.95
Crab,Sweet Egg,Cucumber,Seaweed Salad,Avocado,Fish Roe

*Summer Roll  $6.95
Variety of Fish,Crunch,Mango,Spicy Sauce

Shrimp Temp Roll  $6.95   
Temp Shrimp,Avocado,Cucumber,Mayo,Eel Sauce

Spider Roll  $7.95
Fried Soft Shell Crab,Avocado,Cucumber,Eel Sauce

Roll (Rice Outside)

8pcs/Per Order

*California Roll  $4.5

Vegetable Roll  $4.5
Mixed Vegetables,Pickle

*Crunch Shrimp Roll  $4.75
Tempura Flake,Shrimp,Flying Fish Roe,Mayo

*Crunch Crab Roll  $4.75
Tempura Flake,Crab,Flying Fish Roe,Mayo

*Spicy Tuna Roll  $5.5
Spicy Tuna,Avocado ,Sichimi Pepper

*Spicy Salmon Roll  $5.5
Salmon,Avocado Asparagus,Top w.Tempura Flake,Spicy Mayo

*Spicy Yellowtail Roll  $5.95
Spicy Yellowtail,Jalapeno,Sichimi Pepper

*Spicy Crawfish Roll  $5.95
Craw Fish With Cajun,Cucumber,Spicy Sauce

Boston Roll  $5.5
Ebi Shrimp,Cucumber,Lettuce,Mayo

*Alaska Roll  $5.5

*Philadelphia Roll  $5.5
Smoked Salmon,Cream Cheese,Avocado

*Eel Avocado Roll  $5.5
Eel,Avocado,w.Eel Sauce on Top

*Tuna Avocado Roll  $5.5

Special Roll

Caterpillar Roll  $7.95
Eel Cucumber,Avocado,Eel Sauce

*Spicy Family Roll  $8.95
Spicy Crunch Crab, top w.Spicy Tuna,Spicy Salmon & Avocado

*Fire Dragon Roll  $8.95
Tempura Crabmeat,Top w.Spicy Tuna.

Dragon Roll  $8.95
California Roll,Top w.Eel,Avocado

Kentucky Roll  $8.95
Tempura Chicken ,Top w.Baked Crabmeat

Volcano Roll  $8.95
Crabmeat,Avocado,Cucumber,Top w.Baked Mixed Fresh Fish and Special Sauce

Out of Control Roll  $8.95
Tempura Shrimp,Cream Cheese,Top w.Baked Crabmeat and Eel Sauce.

*Trust Me Roll   $9.25

Fuji MT Roll  $9.25
Crab,Cucumber,Avocado,Top w.Lobster,Tempura Flake,Spicy Creamy Sauce

Shaggy Dog Roll  $9.95
Tempura Shrimp,Avocado,Top w.Crabmeat,Spicy Mayo and Eel Sauce

*Rainbow Roll  $9.95
California Roll,Top w.4 Kinds of Fresh Fish

Dancing Eel Roll  $9.95
Tempura Shrimp ,Cream Cheese,Top w.Eel & Avocado

Mango Lobster Roll  $10.95
Lobster,Avocado,Crunch,Top w.Mango

*Crazy Friday Roll  $10.95
Tempura Shrimp ,Lobster,Top w.Avocado and 4 kinds of Caviar

*Hurricane Roll  $11.95
Fresh Salmon,Mango,Avocado,Crunch,Top w.Tuna ,Super White Tuna

*Spicy Girl Roll  $12.95 
Lobster,Spicy Tuna,Avocado,Mango,wrapped w.Soy Paper

King Crab Roll  $12.95
Tempura Shrimp ,Top w.King Crab,Scallion,Spicy Mayo and Eel Sauce

*Angel Roll  $13.95
Seared Black Pepper Tuna,Top w.Smoked Salmon,Eel,Avocado,4 Kinds of Caviar

Ultimate Dragon Roll  $15.95
Snow Crab,Avocado ,Cucumber,Top w.Whole Eel

Deep Fried Roll

*Red Devil Roll  $6.5
Spicy Tuna,Cream Cheese,w.Spicy Sauce & Eel Sauce

Crab Cake Roll  $6.5
Crab,Mango ,Cream Cheese,Avocado,Eel Sauce

American Dream Roll  $7.5
Smoked Salmon,Cream Cheese,Avocado,Top w.Spicy Mayo,Bacon,Scallion

Yum Yum Roll  $10.95
Tempura Crabmeat,Avocado,Cream Cheese,Top w.Crab,Crunch,Special Sauce

Bonfire Roll  $12.95
Lobster,Avocado,Mango,Top w.Crabmeat,Crunch ,Special Sauce

*Indicates Raw.
Food allergy warning: Please let your server know if you have any allergies,not all ingredients are listed in your menu.